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Продажа: Коммерческий центр, Латвия, Gertrudes 111

Продажа: Коммерческий центр, Латвия, Gertrudes 111

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920 000 евро
Вид недвижимости: 
Земельные участки
в городе
Площадь участка: 
2 658 м2
Общая площадь: 
2 658 м2
Количество спален: 
Тип сделки: 

Sale of real estate, which consists of a plot of land of 2658 m2 and a one-storey building (for use for the maintenance of vehicles (service centers) or garages). There Projects demolition of the existing buildings.
The land is located at ul. Gertrudes 111, Riga, Latvia
to land held all city communications -. Gas, electricity, water and sanitation, telecommunications,
land is located 20 minutes' walk from the city center and the Old Town, and a 20-minute drive to the "Riga" airport near with excellent public transport.
in accordance with the terms of the urban planning area, use of land - a mixed area of building, where the land is mainly used for the construction of multi-storey residential building, business offices, commercial and service facilities, and recycling - for the other permitted on this territory of the objectives, as well as light industry with a low level of pollution.


The maximum permissible height of the building -. Six floors and the attic floor

have a task to plan and architecture for the 6 storey building c loft - 9000 m2 (apartments, business premises), closed parking -3870 m2.
The intensity of the development of 335%, the density of 81%. It can be converted into a hotel, shop or another. Coglasovany Projects demolition of existing buildings.
For more information - on request.